Baagøe, Carl (1829 - 1902)

Carl Emil Baagøe
Copenhagen, 22-08-1829-Snekkersten, 16-04-1902, painter, cartoonist, graphic artist
Nationality: Danish
Company: Denmark

Kunstakad. KBH. Jan. 1844-48; painter learn 1844; painter journeyman 1848; from 1856 again Kunstakad.

Travel and stay abroad:
Iceland 1842, 1855; with the ship of the line Fr. WE 1861; with the frigate tordenskjold 1862; Norway 1866, 1868.

Charl. In spring 1855, 1857-58, 1960-83, 1885-87; North. Kunstudst., Cph. 1883; Artist foren. of 18. Nov., 1882, 1942; Søllerød Pictures, Søllerød Town Hall 1974; Storm and quiet, Orlogsmus., Valdemarsslot 1980; GL. Hadji 1982.

Carl Emil Baagøe was almost exclusively marine painter. The motifs he applied in Denmark, Norway and Iceland. He was particularly interested in rocky coasts and the clear air by Iceland and Norway, which he visited on several journeys aboard the Danish naval ships. Baagøe performed Moreover, drawings of the wheel and steam ships, among other things, in the capacity as draughtsman at the Illustrated Journal. He was popular at the time with a loyal circle of buyers, and his main works found marketing in England.

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