Last exhibition activity:

50th Anniversary Exhibition!
In celebration of the gallery's anniversary from 1964-2014, we held an opening in 2014 featuring the internationally renowned artist Jacob Herskind.

The exciting exhibition showcased 30 new works. We celebrated the anniversary on Sunday, November 23, 2014, with a spectacular exhibition where Jacob Herskind presented his latest creations!

During the opening, 80% of the works were sold - thanks and congratulations to those who came and made a purchase!

Below is the artwork "S-Montana" (Esbjerg), which is an illustration of our West Jutland region, expressed in Jacob Herskind's universe.

The poster "S-Montana" can still be purchased framed and unframed.

Watch the video above to get an impression of who we are. The image shows the gallery with Herskind's works from the exhibition.