Buy & Sell

VESTJYSK ART GALLERY/VOIGT FINEART serves both as a gallery representing Danish artists and as an art dealership where we both buy and sell oil paintings. If you have paintings you wish to sell, we are happy to provide a serious offer – preferably based on auction valuation. We are specifically interested in marine painters, genre paintings, and romantic paintings. The following artists are of particular interest to us: the Skagen Painters in general, as well as the Golden Age painters, and Carl Baagøe, Carl Bille, Carl Holsøe, H.A. Brendekilde, P. Mønsted, J. Exner, and others.

In the realm of modern art, we are particularly interested in COBRA artists and top-quality works by prominent contemporary Danish artists such as Poul Anker Bech, Michael Kvium, Carl Henning Pedersen, Egill Jacobsen, and others.

If there are specific artists you are interested in, we would be happy to try to locate exactly what you desire through our extensive network of contacts. We are willing to send photos of the items we come across. Please contact us by phone, letter, or email for further information.