Quistorff, Victor (1882-1953)

Victor Quistorff 1882-1953.

Born in Aarhus where he started a career as a businessman.

He took up painting as a hobby but when he successfully submitted a painting to the Charlottenborg salon in 1921 he decided to make painting his profession.

He chose many different subjects for his paintings, which were executed in impressionist style. However in 1931 he made a breakthrough with his marine paintings, creating works of art both for shipping companies and seafarers.

His works included a large number of images of newly built ships for ØK (the Danish East India Company), J. Lauritzen, DFDS and the B&W shipyard.

He painted smaller seascapes, which he referred to as postage stamps, for captains and seamen.

Quistorff found his subjects by sailing around to various ports on tugboats or in his own motorboat.

He acquired the nickname “red lead painter” through his fascination with the patches of rust on the hulls of ships.

Therefore, some paintings were not purchased by shipping companies but by private enthusiasts, who were not offended by the rusty areas.

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