My name is Dante Galic. I am a working artist, currently working and living in Denmark. I have been working seriously with my art, since I was thirteen years old. I have had many exhibitions, around the country, with more too come in the future. I have been a professional artist, for the last three years, where private collectors, and others, have purchased my art, for their collections. The goal with my art, is to reach out too as many people, as possible. Too make art visible, in a different light, in the sea of contemporary art. Too show that art, is not just a decorative object, but a weapon. As a chronicle, of our time, so that future generations can look back, and see how it was back then. Just as the old masters, left an entire legacy, for us to enjoy. The style I use, is heavily influenced, by the masters from the renesaince and baroque era. I have fused the old with new, developing my own style, which I like to call "Neo Grotesque". I paint images, in which the themes, are relevant to our societies today. Some say, I´m a political painter, but i consider my self a story teller. through my art, I write a chronicle of our time. This is what art is too me, and not something you would hang on your wall, because it fits with the color of your sofa. In the future, I want my art to sell and be seen by many, worldwide. My art should be visible for all, regardless the elitistic oppinion that art, should be reserved for the thoose who can pay.

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