Boesen, A.W. (1812-1857)

Christian name: August Wilhelm Boesen.

Born on Aug. 12th 1812 in Vigerslev, Denmark.

He was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen) in Oct. 1831. In 1837 he was granted a free place, but soon after he left The Academy because he wanted to educate himself as a landscape painter rather than a classical historical painter.

He made more study tours abroad, starting with a tour to Norway and Sweden in the beginning of the 1840´s. He went to Italy during 1845-47 (he received the Academy Travelling Awards these years) and returned there in 1857. Apart from that he made a tour to Switzerland no later than 1854.

Boesen debuted at the esteemed Charlottenborg Spring Exhibitions (Copenhagen) in 1836 and exhibited there continuously until 1856.

As mentioned Boesen preferred to educate himself as a landscape painter. He found his motifs of his first paintings on Funen and the area around Vejle and more of his paintings were bought by King Frederik VII Rex. In the beginning of the 1840´s he exhibited a range of paintings with motifs from the magnificent landscapes in Norway. He was still occupied by mountainous landscapes on his tour in 1845-47, where he found his motifs in Switzerland, the area around Rome and more sites in Sicily. It was, however, his depictions of the Danish landscapes, especially near manors, that attracted the largest attention among the broad audience.

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