Pedersen Kristian

Kristian Pedersen

- KristianP is a painter and sculptor with a great love for Italian marble and sculptural traditions.

He has learned the art of working in marble in Carrara as a student of Boutros Romhein, an academy-educated sculptor.

Many trips to Carrara and studies in the area have increased his respect for, and desire to continue, the traditional sculptural craft.

His works, both in painting and sculpture, reflect great joy in the beauty, and often the detail in it.

Quirky compositions and titles, often with a twinkle in the eye, which reflect small, often overlooked, aspects of life are his trademark.

In addition to working in stone, KristianP also works with paintings in both acrylic and oil.

Here the motives are often human and human relations.

KristianP has a workshop and studio in Horserød in North Zealand and has participated in many exhibitions in both Denmark and Sweden.

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