Waring, Jørgen (1938- )

Artist Description

Jørgen Waring born 1938

Art, design and décor have been Jørgen Warings revenue source, but at the same time, he cultivated his passion for Africa's wildlife. This recreational interest brought him to Africa, where he was hired and trained as a safari-leader in Kenya, a job he had each summer eleven years in a row until the year 1976. During this period painted Jørgen Waring paintings inspired by the two African cultures, the Masai-and-culture, which he was Samburo deeply captivated by. These "Africa" inspired paintings are his biggest artistic breakthrough.

Jørgen Waring has turned his name in large parts of the world. In the period 1984 to 1986 was Warings works presented at the ARRAS GALLERY in New York, where these were devoted to, among other things, the actors Frank Sinatra and Roger Moore, as well as many other celebrities.  

CHARLOTTENBORG, Copenhagen/1978/1979 Codan insurance, Denmark/DANISH INDUSTRY COUNCIL, Denmark//1979/1980 PRIVATE BANK, Park Avenye, New York//1981 GALLERY RAU, Eyendorf, Hamburg//1981 12TH. INT. ART EZHIBITION, Basel//1982 The Cutch State Art Collection, Amsterdam//LEGO, Billund, Denmark/1983/1984 ARRAS GALLERY, 57.Street, New York//1984 Volvo, Gothenburg, Sweden//1984 Mrs. And Mr. Frank Sinatra. United States//1984 Mrs. And Mr. Roger Moore, United States//1985 ARRAS GALLERY, Trump Tower, New York//1986 KUNSTKELLER BERNE — Henry Moore//1999 GALLERIA SACCHETTI, Switzerland//2000 GALLERIE HÜSSTEGE, Den Bosch, Netherlands//2005-2010 Danish employers ' Confederation

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