Voigt Steffensen, Hans (1941- )

Artist Description

I often use music when I paint.

 Wagner and Schostakovich is for the great brushes and the large landscapes.

 The sensual tango, flamenco and Gypsy music do I use for my paintings of the dance.


I have subscribed to the Opera, the ballet and the play at the Royal Danish Theatre since 1976.

 I've trained my eye to perceive movement and get it down on paper.

 Experience in the theater at the same time has meant a lot for my painting.


The intellectual painting is not me

 I prefer the sensual painting.

The dance






 The grief


 and the sensuous

-all the pages

 which leads me to forget myself.

 Intuition instead of it deliberate.

 The heart rather than the brain

-What do I need.


The landscape

The beautiful landscape with all the colors,

 the scents, the harvest with the yellow fields,

 the sharp wind that causes the grain to wave as a sea, weather changed that suddenly changing the colors.


The endless landscape

-the ability to see far and to let the imagination run.

 The lovely red cows against the green grass, what colors and what kinds.

 Their curiosity when they stand up and look.


Southern Europe


Sicily Taormina with the breathtaking dives down to Naxos, the blue Mediterranean, Etna in eruption, the darkness with the light of the lava and the scents.


Gypsy music,

 the dances,

 the very different landscapes,

 the undiscovered, which nourish my imagination.


I need the colors,

Therefore, I have to travel.

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