Sylvester, Leif

Artist Description

Born 1940 in Copenhagen. A trained Carpenter, entertainer, painter, actor and author.
Leif Sylvester is a true multi talent, who has shown his strength and aired its positions within many art forms and in a host of foras, since he made his debut as a street artist and entertainer with Erik Clausen in 1961. Both were members of the kunstnerskollektivet Red Mother. Together they have toured the country sparsely with zest and Clowning in Red mother's Rock Circus as well as Clausen and P's Cirkus Casablanca.
Artistic debut he got at the artists ' autumn exhibition at Charlottenborg in 1969. Has exhibited throughout the country even in Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Express themselves artistically handily in both paintings, ceramic sculpture and lithography. He is at the same time performing musician and author.

Leif Sylvester makes use of quirky creatures in his art, which manifests as humans, animals and the Fables. Shapes, which at the same time is both virtuous and aggressive. Shapes that work acquaintances and yet they have their very own dna. His art is rude, square, sophisticated and easy at the same time in clear, unambiguous circus and fun-fair colors. He has always had a penchant for quirky characters and maybe it is in fact the motives that pops up in his art.

Leif Rega political leanings, and not deny his artistic work has often been a cause. SID, LO and Danish Typographer Association are just a few of the many who have handed out honors to him. He refers to himself as a socialist and individualist, and some might even argue that perhaps he is or has been an anarchist. In any case he is not how to capture, and it suits him quite magnificent.

The name "Sylvester" came in addition to later. On the way, Leif Petersen to Leif Sylvester Petersen and later just to Leif Sylvester. Not surprising for a man who dares to blast the usual framework.

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