Rasmussen, I.E.C. (1841-1893)

Artist Description

Iens Erik Carl R
Ærøskøbing, 31-08-1841-the Atlantic Ocean, 01-10-1893, painter
Gender: male
Nationality: Danish
Company: Denmark

In hosekræmmer learn in Kbh., skilled 1861; subscribed with Archivist Hans j. Holm winter 1859-60; painted with J.O. Frisch winter 1860-61; Technological Institute evening school 1861-62; prepared for the Academy of fine arts. by C.V. N; Art Academy Kbh. Jan. 1862-april 1866; concurrently taught by C.F. Aagaard.

Travel and stay abroad:
Scotland 1861; Greenland in 1870; Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria and Germany 1872-73; England, Paris 1878, Palestine; Greenland 1893.

Scholarships and honours:
Academy. 1865, 1867, 1872; Raben-Levetzau 1891.

Charl. Spring 1863-72, 1874-85, 1887-88, 1890-93; verdensudst., Vienna 1873, Paris 1878, Chicago 1893; The maritime Picture Gal., London 1875; Artist foren. of 18. Nov., 1882; North. Kunstudst. KBH. 1883, 1888; Raadhusudst., Cph. 1901; Works by then. Painters, Guildhall, London 1907; Grønlandsudst., Nikolaj, Copenhagen. 1921; Since. Doctor Portraits, Kbh. 1922. Solo exhibitions: Navigationssk., Marstal 1991; Svendborg County Art foren., 1993 (mindeudst.). Auctions: 17.6.1878; 21.10.1889; Estate: 12.2.1894; 12.3.1894; 6.4.1923.

I.E.C. R is of an international audience known as the first Greenland painter, for others he is the painter with a predilection for the South Funen coastal landscapes. To R also managed to portray the high seas, he showed in his earliest søstykker which he performed as a ship's boy on his first sea voyage in 1861. In 1870 came R to Greenland, where he was for almost a year. Here he depicted daily life in the Arctic by the Thais green nature with a realism and an empathy that was groundbreaking in the 1870s. A perished greenlander worn home is the first depiction of death's presence in modern Danish painting. Many sketches from the Greenland journey was through the years turned into oil pictures that were exhibited in Paris and London, and many were sold to England. His observations of the Greenlandic nature used Rasmussen in a number of pictures from Greenland's history, ranging from Eric the Red's arrival to Gustav's "the umiak expedition to East Greenland in 1884. Also from his big Europe trip in 1872-73 home brought R søstykker and coastal landscapes, especially from Italy. Rasmussen was deeply religious, and his Biblical representations is clearly marked by Carl Bloch, who had a Studio in the same building as R in 1880 moved R back to fødeøen Aero, and the family settled in Marstal, if low houses and cobblestones were new designs along with Island boat trips between the Islands in the work and party. The many different ship types is reproduced with great safety and technical skill. The naturalistic painter's many people's life-and the person depictions range from genre paintings of portraits, which, however, often oddly stiff and last longish in the drawing. Despite Rasmussen's seemingly unwavering fascination of the light-filled shores, he felt isolated and burned out as an artist. In order to get new powers he travelled in 1893, therefore, once again to Greenland, from where he with a satisfactory yield began the return journey with Brig Peru. While working at the easel on the aft deck and was despite a comprehensive R disappeared after search not found. Which portrays of Greenland's folk life and nature-inspired R geologist and artist Andreas Kornerup and painters a. R C and Emanuel a. Petersen. Cape R, a location on the Antarctic, 1898 by a Belgian named South Polar expedition, is probably named after R.

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