Paulsen, Julius (1860-1940)

Artist Description

Born on Oct. 22nd 1860 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After becoming a journeyman painter (1879) he was admitted to The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, where he graduated in 1882.

He made numerous study tours to different countries in Europe: to the Netherlands, Belgium and France (1885 accompanied by Viggo Johansen), Germany (1886), Italy (1888). He returned to France for 9 months in 1909 and made a final study  tour to Spain in 1912, this time accompanied by J.F. Willumsen!

Paulsen received a wealth of the highest awards, e.g. the Neuhausen Prize (1884) and The Academy Award (1886, 1888, 1895 and 1914!) and also received The Academy Annual Medal 1. Class (also known as The Eckersberg Medal). He won a Silver-medal in Paris in 1889 and later a Gold-medal in 1900 and became a member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.

It is far beyond the space given here to refer to all the prominent exhibitions in which he participated, both in Denmark, but certainly also abroad. We can mention, however, the esteemed Charlottenborg Spring Exhibitions (Copenhagen) where he exhibited almost continuously from 1879. Abroad he exhibited among other in France (1885, 1889-90 and 1928), in the USA (1893, 1912 and 1927), in Germany (1891, 1909 and 1913), in Italy (1895 and 1932), in England (1907 and 1912) as well as in numerous other countries.

Julius Paulsen was from early on considered a technical capacity regarding his favoured choices of motifs: portraits, figure paintings and landscapes. He was inspired by Rembrandt (portraits) and the French salon and landscape painting and impressed everyone with his incredible skills.

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