Olsen, Chr. Benjamin (1873 - 1935)

Artist Description

Odense, 03-05-1873-Frederiksberg, 11-02-1935, painter

Nationality: Danish

Company: Denmark


In painter learn in Svendborg; Technical. SK. cinematographer, svend; to Ld. 1893, where he trained on their own for the marine painter, supported and guided by Chr. Blache.

Travel and stay abroad:

North Africa 1905; Finland 1909; Germany, Italy in 1933. Marine Cruises: Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, 1921 (the Royal couple travel); Scotland, Spain, Tenerife 1923; Finland 1925; Faroe Islands, Iceland, 1926 (the Royal couple travel); Finland 1928; Spain, Portugal, Italy, North Africa, 1929; Faroe Islands, Iceland in 1930.

Scholarships and honours:

Neuhausens per 1919.


KE 1905, 1907-08; Charl. Spring 1906-35; Charl. OJ. 1922, 1934; Landsudst., Aarhus 1909; Artist foren. of 18. Nov., 1932-35 (mindeoph.), 1942; Foren. for the Night. Art, 1926, 1949, 1960; Since. NAT. Exhib., Brooklyn Mouse. 1927; Storm and quiet, Orlogsmus., Valdemar Slot 1980. Solo exhibitions: Charl. borg 1917, 1921; Odense and Copenhagen. 1935 (mindeudst.).


Benjamin Olsen as marine painter has concentrated on the manufacture of ships, the sea and the sky as accurately and realistically as possible. It is not a painting, but historically the naturalistic ship portrait, there is essence. In this he follows the tradition of Vilh. Arnesen and Chr. Blache. In the smaller works, he has concentrated efforts on varied and urgent study of air and sea. As a porcelain painter has Olsen on large vases done numerous ship portraits and mariner in underglasur paint, a technique he mastered with great superiority.

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