Madsen, Johnny

Artist Description

Johnny's paintings are portraits or shapes. Not in the traditional sense but in a kind of basic form. There is no question of portraits of some particular people, but a desire to portray the human. A curiosity and the search for the inner originality.

For Johnny, this is about existence and reality.

Johnny's paintings are in the best sense of expressive paintings. He works consistently deep intuitive with a stubborn desire to be so truthful in its depiction of the human as possible. "It is important for me that it's not too perfect. If my strokes from becoming too neat, it's not true, "says Johnny.

Johnny's characteristic color positions and figurative compositions have found his balance and frames therefore visitors precisely direct and strong.

The paintings invite and challenge.

When Johnny M for many years back threw themselves into the Visual art media, he worked on the basis of the harsh nature of Jutland.

Today is human shape the central motif, but the harsh expressions and the rawness of the earlier portrayals of the Jutland nature, is also very much a part of his descriptions of the human figure. The musical background is expressed at several levels in Johnny's picturesque universe. The characters, who often stand United in groups with the face turned toward the Viewer, is often inspired by the people who find themselves on the other side of the stage-audience. He shows the world as seen from the stage and give the audience an insight into the entertainerens world.

The abstract colouristic style and workflow, which largely stems from a focused sense of reality, testifies to a musical approach to painting. When you come close to the works, one sees that they are built up of small abstract units and rhythmic brush strokes. With big broad strokes and a colour palette dominated by warm red and Brown shades close Johnny M door up to an expressive and powerful universe. You see traces of the squeegee in the thickly applied paint. The background is a solid color often indeterminate spaces that places the depicted characters outside time and place. With great curiosity during searches Johnny M man and the sometimes aggressive and violent brush on the market gives the characters a powerful and strong expression. He portrays the human existence with its expressive works.

Johnny Madsen was born in 1951 in Thyborøn and is a self-taught artist and rock musician. He resides on Fanø. With his characters he describes something universally human, a quest for identity and originality directly and openly confront and challenge the Viewer.

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