Lundbye, A. Andersen(1840-1923)

Artist Description

Born on Dec. 16th 1840 in Lundby near Aalborg.
Andersen-Lundby was self-taught as painter but made a study tour to Copenhagen (see below) and moved permanently to Munich in 1876.
He was elected member of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen) in 1883, but refused to accept the election. Instead, he was appointed professor at the academy in Munich.
Andersen-Lundby debuted at the esteemed Charlottenborg Spring Exhibitions in 1864 and exhibited there continuously un 1913.
He also, among other, exhibited in Munich in 1893-94.
Anders Andersen-Lundby grew up in a poor smallholder’s home in Lundby near Aalborg and came early to serve. He attracted attention, however, with his talent for drawing, and with private means he moved to Copenhagen at the age of 20, where he was self-taught. He exhibited and achieved great popularity with his genre pictures, and especially with his winter landscapes from both Denmark and southern Germany, usually with newly fallen snow or thaw. He settled in Munich and became influenced by German painting.

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