Holsøe, Niels (1865-1928)

Artist Description

Copenhagen, 21-12-1865-Charlottenlund, 05-12-1928, painter

Company: Denmark


Stud. 1883; student with His Account briefly; Kunstakad. KBH., jan. quarter 1884; then Artists Studiesk. for 1891; Stud. political science, embedseks.


Travel and stay abroad:

Italy 1905; later Germany, Netherlands and France.

Scholarships and honours:

Academy. 1905; Academy. Aarsmed. 1 1922.


Charl. Spring 1892, 1898, 1901-12, 1914, 1917, 1919, 1922-23, 1926-28; KE 1909-11, 1913; The Baltic Device., Malmö 1914; Since. NAT. Exhib., Brooklyn Mouse. 1927; Foren. for the Night. Art 1926, 1929 (retrosp.).


Niels Hadi painted, in addition to portraits and landscape paintings, like his brother, Carl Hadi, interiors. Hadi cultivated the painting next to his work as a civil servant, and the characteristic was the home's living rooms with night lamp light and shadow effects which inspired him. The images seems unobtrusive and is characterised by respect for both motive and workflow.

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