Herskind, Jacob (1958- )

Artist Description

Jacob Herskind was born in 1958 and lives in the Føns forest on the island of Funen. Jacob Herskind schooled v. painter Georg Ernst. Started his career in 1973.
Cheerfulness is the predominant background to all the works. But what is it now Jacob Herskind is?
' Humorist. Entertainer. Artist. Anarchist. Entertainer. We let the matter stand for a moment. But only for a moment, for he has it all, in artistic sovereign and witty version. He bombards any tilskuers consciousness with thousands of inputs and outcomes. His images are tricky transformation images that disrespectful and liberating dribbles any art connoisseur sober normal sense. His picture the world is insanely normal. I thank God — and allowed for him. '
Ole Lindboe, Magazine ART

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