Herschend, Oscar (1853-1891)

Artist Description

Herschendsgave, 06-01-1853-Herschendsgave, 26-01-1891, painter


UDD. Mason; Kunstakad. KBH., alm. prepare. kl. as Bldg. pupil, Oct. 1870, continued as a painter, left the Academy. Oct. 1874.

Travel and stay abroad:

Gothenburg and Uddevalla.


Charl. Spring 1880-86, 1888; Artist foren. of 18. Nov., 1882; North.

Kunstudst., Cph. 1883, 1888. Auctions: Kbh. 24.11.1885; Charl. borg 13.10.1888; Hotel Phoenix 1.4.1890.


Oscar Herschends activity as a painter was short-lived and is yet only sparsely illuminated. He was one of the painters, which is in the 1870s sought new inspiration in the lesser known regions of Denmark. He learned to master the portrayal of the desolate, treeless sand dune landscapes that are so different as well possible from landscape art's traditional motifs, the Zealand and East Jutland beech forests. His own favorite was Blåvandshuk, Skagen and the nearby Råbjerg. Herschend has particularly worked with grey sky, and his landscapes owns an immediate freshness, as long as the container skitsens form.

On the other hand, makes a certain amount of uncertainty prevailing in his composed exhibition prints, where motifs are repeated in new combinations, and the landscape will be dressed in spot. Of auction catalogs showing that he, among other things.

also has painted at Silkeborg, Skanderborg, Seis Moor, Pårup Moor, kerteminde, Fredensborg, Asnæs and Refsnæs, besides in Gothenburg and Uddevalla environs, so he must have raised quite a lot. In the spring of 1886, it was his intention to travel to Paris for a longer period of time to train, but it doesn't seem to be managed

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