Heinrich-Hansen, Adolph (1859-1925)

Artist Description

Copenhagen, 29-11-28-10-Fredensborg, 1859-1925, painter
Nationality: Danish
Company: Denmark

C.f. a's tegnesk.; Kunstakad. KBH. 1883-86.

Travel and stay abroad:
Germany, Belgium, Italy; Normandy 1925.

Scholarships and honours:
Rejsestip. Carlsberg Foundation. 1890.

Charl. Spring 1885-1909; North. Device., Cph. 1888; verdensudst., Paris, 1889; verdensudst., Chicago 1893; Berlin 1893-96; Munich, 1899; Artist foren. of 18. Nov., 1921, 1923-24. Solo exhibitions: the free dog show. Bldg. 1911.

Adolf Heinrich-H studied theology for four years before he chose to go in the footsteps of his father, Heinrich H's, as architecture painter. Probably Heinrich-H to some extent was his father's Assistant, and he snuggled close to his art with his carefully executed and detail-rich Church-and Castle motifs. Heinrich-H's also included the old parties of the circle motif in particular German cities and of Fanø-interiors with women in traditional costumes as spot-shapes, like he painted individual portraits. In his later years was Heinrich-H a very used animal painter of horses and dogs as a specialty.

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