Hansen, Sigvard (1859-1938)

Artist Description

Copenhagen, 23-05-1859-Hellerup, 27-04-1938, painter

In porcelænsmaler learn at Aluminia in Copenhagen; Kunstakad. KBH. 1876-83 (till. for the afg. without complete).

Travel and stay abroad:
Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, 1878 (study of ceramics and underglasur painting); England 1889-90; Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, Paris.

Scholarships and honours:
Sødrings per 1886; Kunstakad. 1886, 1893, 1902; Bielke 1895.

Charl. Spring 1882-1938; Charl. OJ. 1922, 1935; North. Device., Cph. 1888; Royal Acad., London 1889-90; Die grosse North. Kunstausst., Lübeck, 1895; Raadhusudst., Cph. 1901; Kunsthalle Hamburg ca. 1902; Artist foren. of 18. Nov., 1932, 1942; Søllerød Pictures, Søllerød Town Hall 1974; Søllerød in it lokalhist. painting, Gl. Holte station 1982; 100 years of Aluminia, Art foren., CPH. 1990. Solo exhibitions: 1902 (s.m. Jorgen Aabye), 1909, 1915, 1925, 1926, 1933.

From the port at Mill rent under Kullen (dog show. 1883); Eftermiddagsol, skåne winter landscape (1886, Sødrings per); Winter sun, motif from Ørholm (1907, Aarhus Kunstmus.); A stream between the Heather-clad hills (1911); Interior from Weiss ' living room in Ribe (1918, Sønderjyll. Kunstmus.); Winter landscape with mountain cabins. Norway (1919); View from a terrace above stay in Amalfi (1925). Graphics in, among other things. Engraving collect. and Sønderjyll. Kunstmus.

Sigvard Hansen painted mainly landscapes, but also part of interiors. Eye-catching and idyllic motifs as well as technical skill did Hansen to one of his generation's popular artists. Especially his winter images with blue shadows in the snow caught the attention of his peers. Characteristic of H's work is also the often very detailed foreground.

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