Grove, Nordahl (1822-1885)

Artist Description

Copenhagen, 12-11-1822-Copenhagen, 31-07-1885, painter
Company: Denmark

Metropolitansk., Cph. to 1839; a pupil of Louis Gurlitt; Kunstakad. KBH. Oct 1840-Oct 1843, jan. 1844-Oct 1844.

Travel and stay abroad:
1855 Paris (verdensudst.).

Scholarships and honours:
Reiersens Fund 1855; Academy. 1864, 1867.

Charl. Spring 1842-52, 1854-85; North. Device., Cph. 1883; Artist foren. of 18. Nov., 1882, 1942; Søllerød Pictures, Søllerød Town Hall 1974; Søllerød in it lokalhist. painting, Gl. Hadji 1982.

Frits Nordahl Grove painted in particular landscapes, including many from the area around Søllerød. The images, which are often of topographical character, is detailed, with a muted colour scheme and a light shading. The early images is done with a fine brush, while the later is something looser in the strokes. Grove also performed a part of landscape lithographs and drew a sketch for portrait lithographs. In 1872 he performed 2, maybe more, ship portraits of the Danish shipowner Chr. Thaae.

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