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Benny Dröscher, who belongs to the young generation of artists who in recent years have characterised Danish art with imaginative and thought-provoking works of art. Most recently, he performed a distinctive sculpture for sculpture exhibition "Rome on Kongens Nytorv", which marks the 50th anniversary of the Danish Institute of science and Art in Rome. The gigantic construction of wood and mirror mosaic is intended as a commentary on man's demarcation against seduction and illusion, and the small mirror mosaics reflect stråleglansen in the Catholic Church altarpieces.

As a painter and graphic artist has Benny Dröscher since early 1990s exhibited at Charlottenborg autumn exhibition, among others, Malmö Art museum, Aarhus art museum, the art museum Arken, Specta Gallery, Mogadishni Gallery and he has sold works to the art museum Arken, copper engravings collection and Malmö Art museum.

Benny Dröschers's picture the world is ambiguous, an almost ironic combination of the authentic and the synthetic, which leaves doubt as to what we are facing. Is it a glossy image or a phantasm from somewhere in our romantic inner? He pokes a both affectionately, poetic and razor-sharp question mark into the relationship between reality and imagination. Also a question mark in our memory, which tend to embellish, or camouflaging the real experience. The result is entertaining and fascinating, and he does it with the artistic impact and the unique form of expression that has placed him as a significant figure in the young Danish art.

The two exciting lithographs are performed with Edition Copenhagen in cooperation with litografen Rasmus Urwald. In manufacture is used 15 colors on the stones at the same technical principles, which was invented by Alois Senefelder in 1776. The artist works in conjunction with litografen on a kalkkiesel stone, which is about 150 million. years old, and are printed on hand made bøttapapir from a paper factory in Arches in France, which has produced similar paper in more than 500 years. It is a very labor intensive method, which meets the high quality standards, as the biggest international artists and major museums make the lithographic process.

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