de Tengnagel, F. (1781-1849)

Artist Description

Other names: Ernst Fabritius de Tengnagel Frederik Michael.

Vejle station, Funen, 02-01-1781-Copenhagen, 27-05-1849, painter

Trained in the military; a private pupil of J.P. Mills from 1813.

Scholarships and honours:
Agreeret by Kunstakad. KBH. 1827, Member. 1828.

Travel and stay abroad:
Germany, among other things. Dresden, where he visited J.C. Dahl, 1823.

Exhibitions (inter alia):
Charl. Spring 1820-49; The University's Medical Device., Cph. 1843; North. Device., Cph. 1872; Raadhusudst., Cph. 1901; Works of art from the 18th century. and 19. AAR. in Kunstakad., Art foren., CPH. 1929; Since. 1825-1855, cinematographer, art. 1975; Storm and quiet, then. Marine painters through 200 years, Orlogsmus., Valdemarsslot 1980; The cultivated landscape, GL. Holtegaard m. fl. 1988.

Fabritius de Tengnagel F.M.E. was over 30 years old when he decided to become an artist. The high age was probably the reason why he did not seek into the Royal Danish Academy of art, but became a private pupil of J.P. Mills, and he selected just as this landscape painting as a profession. Of great importance was his meeting with J.C. Dahl's art. In some cases, such as URf.eks. "Region from Töplitz" from 1824, he has directly taken over motives from the Norwegian painter. As the period's only Danish painter he specialized in winter landscapes, but was in fact not innovative. His motives are only to a limited extent based on a personal nature study, and they often have a skabelonagtigt twist. He was an extremely prolific painter and achieved a big sale at the time. But by today's arbiters, he has not been assigned a central role in the period's art.

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