Brendekilde, H.A. (1857-1942)

Artist Description

Burn source, 07-04-1857-Jyllinge, 30-03-1942, painter
Nationality: Danish
Work Place: Denmark

Stone-Carving svend (Odense); dimitt. of And Hada; opt. Kunstakad. KBH., alm. Conn. kl. Oct. quarter of 1877, modelsk. April quarter of 1879, the departure which models March 1881.

Travel and stay abroad:
Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt and Syria 1889-90; Germany, Italy 1894-95; Italy 1908-09 and 1922-23.

Scholarships and honours:
Academy. 1886, 1889, 1890; Raben-Levetzau 1892; Hielmstierne-Rosencrone 1892; Ancker 1894; Bronzemed. Paris 1889; Aarsmed. 1 1892, 2 1893; with. Chicago 1893; The eibeschütz ' per-1896.

Exhibitions (inter alia):
Dec device. 1882 (debut as a painter); Charl. Spring 1883-94, 1896-1926, 1929-37, 1940; North. Kunstudst., Cph. 1883, 1888; verdensudst., Paris 1889, Chicago 1893; Munich, 1891; Raadhusudst., Cph. 1901; Since. Painters, London, Guildhall, 1907; KE 1908; Landsudst., Aarhus 1909.

H.a. brendekilde was trained model, but immediately went on to become a painter. He belonged to the relatively few Danish artists of his generation, who took lessons from the French realism social aspect. As college buddy L.A. Ring, he came from the village environment, ranging from the early years became an important motif constituency for both painters. From the delightful landscape picture brendekilde gradually more went towards genre picture with a heavily underlined the point. Debut work from the village of 1882 shows URf.eks. a peasant, which must set off to America and now must say goodbye to her boyfriend and mother. The openness of the French peasant-realists such as Millet and Bastien-Lepage be seen inter alia. in 1889, where a peasant's life image is fallen on the field, while his wife shouts for help. From the German painter f. von Uhde brendekilde received inspiration for his social-religious painting, URf.eks. of the young timber man, who, as another Christ preaching to a stonemason and his wife open-mouthed, A road 1893. Today it can be difficult to appreciate Brende source later, religious compositions, and as for the picturesque, forgrovedes his late works in a large and variegated production. Especially in his early works showed brendekilde good skill for the thoughtful composition and the delicate, mild color. As a social realist, he took a central place in Danish art.

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