Bille, Carl (1815 - 1898)

Artist Description

Copenhagen, 20-02-1815-Copenhagen, 14-11-1898, marine painter
Nationality: Danish
Company: Denmark

Svend Sejlmager; as a painter for a time a pupil of Carl Dahl, incidentally, self-taught.

Scholarships and honours:
Academy. 1868.

Charl. Spring of 1854-55, 1857-71, 1873-88, 1890-91; Artist foren. of 18. Nov., 1882, 1942 (jub. device.); North. Kunstudst., Cph. 1883; Storm and quiet, Orlogsmus., Valdemarsslot 1980; North. målare in Arildsläga, Krapperup Mouse. 1987.

Carl Beetle was a little older than the famous marine painters from 1800-century heartland and beyond, but came later in time. He was trained as a sailmaker and stood to sea for several years before he became a painter. Beetle was self-taught, apart from the guidance of a colleague Carl Dahl, who had been an Assistant at the Eckersberg. Memories of his mariner is evident in his early works. 'S life is not very enlightened. Sigurd Müller reports on long trips to overseas countries. In any event, he exhibited at the beginning of the 1860s pictures with motifs from North America and China, and most recently, 1869, from "Island Marotimo". About these pictures emanations myself is not to say. The big travel can be made while he was still a seaman. In any event, he has not been lacking inventiveness, his motive circle was still larger with shipping disasters, naval battles, all kind of ships in all weather, seen and painted in the romantic spirit. In recent years he also exhibited pictures from the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Norway and Netherlands.

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