Barat, Patrice (1962- )

Artist Description

Patrice Barat was born in Strasbourg in France. He grew up in an artistic family where both his father and three brothers of whom practice their art in h.h.v. France and the Netherlands.

Patrice has lived in Denmark since 1995 and the same year began his career as an artist.

Patrice is working with many photos at the same time.
He paints with a lot of intensity, both female and male characters in Existentialist situations, and is very realistic in his form of expression.

He focused on social realism and attitude, and his work reflects and is a result of their own experience. Experience arising out of both positive and negative experiences.

Patrice Barat describes even his pictures as an internal dialogue to achieve understanding of a private nature and provenance.
As an artist, it is not enough to have talent, we must also have originality, will and strength to create images no one before has seen.

In his paintings he uses a unique technique, which makes the images quite special compared to other forms of artistic expression.
Symbolism in his paintings is comprehensible and clear.

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