Balle, Mogens (1921 - 1988)

Artist Description

Education: Debuted at the artists ' autumn exhibition 1943, 22 years old

After a stay in Paris immediately after the war, in 1947, he co-founded the artist group with the spiral, which spoke Freddie and Bjerke-Petersen, Sven Dalsgaard, Niels Macholm and Erling Jørgensen and Asger Jorn. Opening the exhibition in Gallery flintholm in 2003 was a joint exhibition with works by Mogens Balle and Grete Balle.

Mogens Balle joined Cobra in 1948, and the next year he was married to Grete Balle. For many years they chose to exhibit together — therefore also this joint exhibition. Since COBRA-time he maintained his close friendship with co-founder, the Belgian poet Christian Dotremont, as he performed several joint work with. In all the years he maintained an imaginative art language, which clearly reflected the basic ideas, COBRA-the people stood for. Several of his decorations have disappeared over the years. However, it was COBRA-ceiling from Bregnerødhytten preserved, and here you can see one of the fields, like Mogens Balle performed. In addition, you can see his decorations on, among other things. Technical University of Denmark, in Terslev Church and school Training in Dragør.

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