Rasmussen, Bonnie

Artist Description

Bonnie R is a trained social worker.

She began to paint in 2005 and the style is a little cartoony, naivistic or in the figurative vein.

The paintings are in strong colours and there are many details and stories in each painting.

Her works are a wonderful and fun mix of exuberant colors and many small funny detail.

The paintings expresses a nice zest-images to explore the images, as we will be happy to look at.

Many of the paintings are painted over a piece of music or experiences around music. It may be the story in a song, it can be observations from URf.eks. A market day in the Neck, where the flowing music from a café or it can be from opera in Rebild or 1. may in alborg.

It can also be from a single phrase in a song that inspires to an image. It is the idea that one must be in a good mood and happy by studying the individual story.

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