Kieldrup, A.E. (1827-1869)

Artist Description

Anton Eduard Kieldrup

Haderslev, 16-02-1827-Copenhagen, 22-05-1869, painter

Nationality: Danish

Company: Denmark


Malersv. in Haderslev; Kunstakad. KBH., Oct. 1845-Oct. 1847.

Travel and stay abroad:

Norway 1847-48, 1855; Munich, Salzburg, Tyrol, 1858-59; of the Moselle, Switzerland, Paris to Germany inter alia. Dusseldorf, home via Belgium and Netherlands 1863-64.

Scholarships and honours:

Academy. 1861-64.

Exhibitions (inter alia):

Charl. Spring 1849-53, 1855-58, 1860-63, 1865-69; Foren. The future, Charl 1869, 1871; Castle. North. Kunstudst., Cph. 1872; Raadhusudst., Cph. 1901; Winkel & Magnussen, Kbh. 1903; Works by then. Artists, Guildhall, London 1907; Haderslev Mouse. 1931 (s.m. Heinr. Hansen, Heinr. A. Heger and Charlotte v.

K); SDR. jysk Device., Charl. borg 1937.


Anton Eduard Kieldrup chosen in contrast to most contemporary landscape painters to test N.L. Høyens warnings about the adverse impact, a young artist would expose themselves to by close encounters with the future German art. On travelling to, among other things. Dusseldorf and Munich he received confirmed and strengthened its affiliation with the romantic landscape tradition. It influenced especially the many landscape shots, he performed with motifs, based on studies and impressions from more foreign travel to Norway and mountainous regions in Central Europe. In the Danish landscapes with motifs from Central Jutland, but first and foremost to the North of Copenhagen from deer park and Søllerød and North Zealand, tracked in higher degree an influence from the Eckersberg school and the national landscape painting. It manifested itself, among other things. by more simple compositions and a iife motif depiction, but are often subject to a klassicerende landscape construction and accompanied by idylliserende elements such as picturesque farmhouses that marked anchoring in a romantic tradition.

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