Eckardt, Christian (1832-1914)

Artist Description

Copenhagen, 02-07-1832-Copenhagen, 28-09-1914, painter
Nationality: Danish
Company: Denmark, Sweden

In painter learn in 5 years; Kunstakad. KBH. 1846, modelsk. March 1851 dec. quarter 1852; No afg.

Travel and stay abroad:
Germany, Italy 1853-56; Dalmatia, Italy, France, England, 1873-74; lived a number of years on the farm Höljaryd in Småland until 1889.

Scholarships and honours:
1863, 1871; Neuhausens Per. Academy. 1873-74; Sødrings Scholarship for life from 1911.

Charl. 1856, 1859-86, 1890-92, 1894-1910; North. Kunstudst., Cph. 1872, 1883; Artist foren. of 18. Nov., 1882.

C. Eckardt must be characterized as a marine painter, when he found most of the motifs on the beach and in the port. Only during stays in Småland, he portrayed the landscape here. To kerteminde largest merchant, j. a. Larsen, the father of the painter Johs. L. Eckardt, painted portraits of several of his ships. Also on the paintings of the General post Directorate's wheel ships "Niord" and "Gerda" is the ship the main motive. There is an own peace over most of Eckardts port images, and he liked to let the early morning's bright lights emphasise calm. Occasionally he showed that he also mastered the dramatic depiction of a looming storm over the ocean. Several drawings of maritime events performed Eckardt in woodcuts for magazines like Illustrated Journal. Eckardt was a prolific painter, whose handsome pictures of often modest dimensions, found marketing to private. A dozen or so paintings, among other things. the award-winning, bought Johan Hansen to his collection, from which several have entered into cultural and historical museums.

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